About Us
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Hearne Southern Auction House as an institution was founded by a family that committed itself initially to art education.


Hearne Southern Auction House was founded by Archie Hearne who has established a reputation in the art world for trust, integrity and business ethics.


The development of the auction business was undertaken to maintain a competitive edge in selling art, and continuing to propagate the notion that art is an essential part of our existence.


Art is not a luxury as many people think - It is a necessity. It documents history - to educate people and stores knowledge for generations to come ~Samella Lewis, PhD


Hearne Southern Auction House is committed to being a socially responsible entity. To this end we donate a percentage of our profits to non-profit educational institutions.     


Hearne Southern Auction House position in the market is firmly rooted in the diversity and quality of our product.


Hearne Southern Auction House brings to the market a diverse and talented group of artists, writers who have demonstrated their value through their proliferative styles and content.


Hearne Southern Auction House product categories range from 19th century artists to contemporary artists. We are not limited in our auction offerings i.e. we may auction wines, furniture, watches and rare and interesting manuscripts.


Hearne Southern Auction House is firmly committed to bringing the best offerings in our estate sales.


Hearne Southern Auction House has a foundation which is built on experience.


This experience is represented by over 40 years of collecting art by the owners of Hearne Southern Auction House, and 30 years of selling fine art.


Our Institutional goals represent a natural evolution of our transition into the auction market place.


We are committed to establishing a trusted reputation in the auction market place. With the commitment to bringing the best fine art to our customers and client base. We believe that ethics in business is essential to establishing long-term relationships.


We hope to bring to the market products that have aesthetic quality as well as investment value. We will pursue these goals with the utmost of integrity and further refinement of our business model.


Archie Hearne MD